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A new scrub – great for all skin types, even sensitive

Honey & Oatmeal soap enriched with Coconut Milk_All Natural SoapWe had a look at our range recently and realised that we didn’t have any scrub soaps for people with sensitive skin. This clearly wouldn’t do, so we headed to our workshop to set about creating a gentle and soothing soap that also had exfoliating properties.

Milk soaps are great for gently cleansing delicate skin so we thought this would be a good place to start. Our Goat’s Milk and Calendula soap already does a good job of helping those with sensitivities wash without irritation, but for this new soap we wanted to go that little bit further and make it both exfoliating and vegan. Enter coconut milk.

Coconut milk has been used in skin care for centuries because of its ability to soothe and moisturise. When added to soap, it, not surprisingly, creates a creamy, milky lather that is truly a pleasure to wash with. First ingredient down.

Next we wanted to attract even more moisture to the skin so we added honey, a natural humectant. Second ingredient down. For the scrubby element, we wanted to choose something that could be used all over the body, including the face, and the natural choice was of course oats. Very soft, so non scratchy and caring on the skin, oats are also famous for helping to sooth all manner of skin irritations. Our soap was complete. Well almost…

We make a number of unscented soaps (or more specifically soaps with no added scent that have a lovely, clean natural smell – our most popular being our Castile range), but on this occasion we were keen to create and add a scent that appealed to everyone as, after all, we were trying to create a scrub soap for all skin types.

If you’re familiar with our range then you’ll know that we love a good citrus. Strong tangy smells aren’t everyone’s cup of tea though so we decided to make the predominant scent in our essential oil blend, Sweet Orange. Sweet Orange is a fragrance that we have found to be almost universally appealing as it is uplifting, fresh and clean, and neither too floral nor too citrusy. On the skin, it is also generally tolerated by most people, regardless of their skin type. The background notes? Well we thought it would be nice to let the natural properties of the ingredients shine through and so the heart and base notes in this soap actually come from the oats, honey and coconut milk. We think the combination is gentle and heavenly.

Enough talking, we need to get back to creating new, delicious soap varieties.

Our Honey & Oatmeal Scrub soap is available to try now. If our testers are anything to go by, we don’t think this current batch will be around long so you better get yours quickly!

Honey & Oatmeal soap enriched with Coconut Milk_All Natural Soap


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