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Limited Edition Olympic Soaps

Ginger Zinger_All Natural Soap

Morning all,

As its almost Olympic time we thought we’d let you know about our limited edition Olympic Soaps.

Called Ginger Muscle Soother, they’re perfect for relaxing after a hard day’s pole valuting or even computer tapping.

Made with our favourite clay of all, Red Cosmetic Clay, this is an added treat as it works to revitalise the skin, improve its radiance and is famous for helping with capillary damage.

Exclusively available on our stall at Spitalfields Market from Friday 27th July and over the Olympic period, but only while stocks last.

During the Olympics, we’ll be trading Fridays and Sundays as normal (and possibly some extra days). If you plan on coming down to pick up an Olympic soap, please check Twitter on the day for our location.

We are happy to put aside Olympic soaps for customers to collect at the market, just email us to let us know how many you’d like.


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Lime & Seaweed soap cakes soon to be available as bars!

Sushi Seaweed Bars_All Natural SoapLime & Seaweed soap cakes have been so popular already this summer that we thought we’d make a bar variety.

Affectionately known as our ‘Sushi Seaweed Soap’, this bar contains 3 types of antioxidant rich seaweed – kelp, arame and nori – plus the vitamin packed algae chlorella. We know algae doesn’t sound too sexy, but we promise you its great for the skin.

The soap’s skin-loving properties are also only enhanced by the wonderfully clear essential oils of lime and juniper – famous for their ability to tone the skin – and they of course provide this gorgeous soap with an unmistakably fresh scent.

The bars will be ready 4 weeks from today, but if you just can’t wait to take a dip with this variety, then why not snap up our last Lime & Seaweed soap cake.Lime & Seaweed Bars



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FREE SOAP BAR – This week only

All Natural Soap_Free soap barWe know it’s been rainy and sad of late, so we thought we’d cheer everyone up with a fabulous offer of FREE soap!

For this week only, we’re giving away a FREE SOAP BAR* with EVERY online purchase over £6. Yes really 🙂

You get a choice of a soothing Lavender & Rosemary bar or a nice and scrubby Tomato & Basil Kitchen Soap.

Simply go to the checkout as normal and then let us know which FREE bar you’d prefer in the ‘Order Notes’ section.

This offer expires at midnight BST on Sunday 22nd July and is only available while stocks last.

Don’t worry, once you’ve placed your order we’ll email you to confirm that we have some of your chosen free soap left. If we’ve sold out and you would therefore like to cancel your order, we’ll refund you as quickly as PayPal lets us.

Alternatively, feel free to contact us in advance of placing your order, and we’ll confirm that we have your choice of bar in stock.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your FREE soap bar now >

*Minimum bar weight: 70 grams. These are hand cut bars though and many weigh at least 10 grams more. Offer only available while stocks last, within mainland UK and for purchases made via


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New Decorations for Our Citrus Sunshine Hearts

Citrus Sunshine_All Natural SoapAs you may already know, we offer a number of different decoration options for our white and pink Rose Geranium Heart soaps, and that got us thinking – surely we can do something similar with our popular Citrus Sunshine Hearts. So we did!

Below are some pictures of our latest batch at the start of their 4 week cure. There are now the following decoration options to choose from:

  • Citrus Peel patchwork
  • Carrot Flake topping
  • Calendula Petal bouquet
  • Carrot Powder sprinkle

Can you guess which one is which from the pictures?

This means you can make up a lovely gift selection box of citrus soaps, and each one can look different.

You can pre-order your soaps here now – there’ll be ready in about 4 week’s time. Don’t forget to let us know which decoration you would like in the ‘order notes’ at checkout.

Alternatively, if you just can’t wait to get your hands on some summertime sun, why not try one of our fresh and mildy scrubby Citrus Sunshine bars. The current batch is extra lovely as we’ve added in some smoothing Carrot Oil.

Any questions, please get in touch.

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New Varieties – Sneak Preview!

Hi all,

So I know, I know we’ve been banging on about our upcoming new varieties, but where are they already I hear you cry! Here is where – taking their 4 week snooze on the curing rack.

New Varieties_All Natural Soap

We haven’t yet decided on a name for all of these beauties, but we thought you might like to take a sneaky peak at our upcoming offerings. Can you guess what the lighter coloured ones are? Yes…that is indeed a honeycomb pattern on the top – that’s all we’re saying.

And the darker ones? Well you can probably spy a coffee bean decoration or two. No, it’s not our Coffee Kitchen Soap – but that variety has been so popular we thought we’d create all you coffee lovers out there another everyday soap with coffee in it.

Anything else?

Well, only the Men’s Bar we can’t stop talking about! Here’s a peak of it 4 week’s ago when it was being cut.

All Natural Soap_Mens Bar

We’re really happy with how this one turned out. The scent is wonderfully sexy and masculine – with base notes of cedarwood and a fresh crisp cleanness lent by refreshing rosemary and lemongrass essential oils.

The lather is also rich and creamy, and the bar itself good and long lasting (provided its not left soap-dishless and neglected on the side of the bath or sink).

Oh and we thought it would be fun to give the top the texture of elephant hide to complement the grey/green colour. What do you think? And in case you’re wondering, no, no real elephants were involved in creating this effect. We’re an animal-loving soap company dontcha know.

And we couldn’t of course forget our new Grass Soap! We’re super excited about this one but oops out of time, you’ll have to wait till next time to take a sneaky peak at this one…

So when can I buy these new bars?

The elephant, I mean the Mens Bar, will be available on at our regular markets and on the website next week – we’ll be sure to let you know the moment it is available. The other mystery varieties will be available in about 4 week’s time, after they’re fully cured.

What am I meant to do in the meantime?

Perhaps check out our unique Lemon & Spice bar.

Bye for now,


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New Expanded Hearts Collection

All Natural Soap_Hearts Collection

All Natural Soap_Hearts CollectionBy popular demand, we’re expanding our Hearts Collection to include some gorgeous new varieties.

We’re not going to tell you everything that’s coming – where’s the fun in that! But you will already find a delicate and elegant lavender heart, and a luxurious citrus treat soap on the website.

All the new collection will of course be made with our signature shea butter and olive oil blend. But even before they nourish your skin, the hearts can be used to adorn and scent your bedroom or bathroom – 2 scrumptious treats in one!

With the expanded collection also comes more fun and choice – you can mix and match from across the range to create your own unique and original heart gift boxes.

Find your favourites now.

Decorated Lavender Hearts

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Unique and Handmade

All Natural Soap makes soap that is, you guessed it, all natural!

Our products are also unique, handmade and free from everything you’d want them to be free from.

We only colour our soaps with plant, fruit and vegetable materials; and our complex, perfume-like scents are 3 note blends of pure essential oils.

All Natural Soaps are also vegetarian, (the majority are also vegan), and the skin-loving oils we use to make them ensure that your body not only feels fantastic, but it’s natural functions are not inhibited.

Find out more >

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New Chunky, Vanilla & Ylang Ylang Extra Moisturising Soap

Vanilla and ylang ylang chunky barsHello everyone,

How are you on this sunny bank holiday?

As Spitalfields Traders market is closed today, we thought we’d take the opportunity to make a new soap we’ve been dying to make for ages – Vanilla & Ylang Ylang.

It’s made with the highly-prized essential oils of vanilla and ylang ylang, of course, plus a very high percentage of unrefined cocoa butter and lots of lovely real vanilla beans. Know what that makes? A wonderfully fragrant, smooth and velvety soap with a gentle scrub.

Chunky vanilla and ylang ylang barsHere’s a sneak preview of the freshly cut soap. It will be ready for you to try in about 4 weeks’ time, after its been cured.

Tip: Click on the images to enlarge them and get a closer look at the new soap.

If you’d like to pre-order yours. please email us or give us a ring on 0207 272 2572.

A very Happy Easter,



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The wonders of figs, garlic and helping patchy eyebrows (while warding off vampires!)

Fresh figsAfternoon one and all, couldn’t wait to share what I just learned:

I just got back from a trip to the lovely local Turkish greengrocer as I was keen to see whether they had any fresh figs in stock. While I love eating fresh figs, my  mission of course had an ulterior soapy motive – you guessed it, fig soap!

When combined with honey, figs are a great natural humectant, which means that they attract moisture to the skin and basically make it feel really lovely.

Sadly it’s not quite fig season yet they tell me, but I got talking with the woman behind the counter about eyebrows and how nice hers were; and guess what she told me her secret was – garlic!

Yes you read that right…GARLIC!

What’s more, it’s not that she eats loads of the stuff, but rubs it around her eyebrows each night. Yes…really.

She admitted it was a little stinky, but she said it’s cured her patchy brows. I for one can vouch for how lovely and luscious they look.

As a fair-haired gal who has always envied the definition darker-haired ladies could achieve with their brows, I for one can’t wait to give this a go!

Not sure how I’m going to feel about the smell, but I’m sure I’ve tried weirder things in my time – mayonnaise hair gel anyone?

So in the name of all things natural, already in my kitchen cupboard, and anti-vampire-esque, I’m going to give it a go. Promise to report back.

I’ll also be back soon to tell you how we get on with the fig soap as soon as we can find some lovely fresh figs to experiment with.

Wish me garlicky luck!