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Christmas Minis_All Natural Soap

4 thoughts on “Christmas Minis_All Natural Soap

  1. Hi
    Having a hard time off it health wise at the moment can u tell me if ur soaps are all chemical free
    Thanks karen

    1. Hi Karen,

      Really sorry to hear that. Yes, our soaps really are all natural. Our most popular (and ‘simple’ soap, in terms of ingredients) is our Castile Olive Oil Soap: It is simply made from olive oil and water. People with all sorts of skin sensitivities use it happily. It is entirely free of any fragrance and colours (even natural ones) and all sensitisers.

      This is true of all soaps in our sensitive range: except the Oatmeal Soother. This is a very gentle soap that is all natural and colour free, but is does contain essential oils for fragrance. These are totally natural of course, but essential oils can be skin sensitisers for very sensitive-skinned people.

      If you like foam, then the Shea Luxury is another good one to try as it is very gentle and mositurising, but also foamy. The Castile Olive Soap (and the Coco Castile) are more like shower creams.

      Any more questions, we’re here.

  2. Hi
    Having been diagnosed with cancer I’m trying to cut all chemicals out completlely
    Can u tell me whether ur soaps are totally rubbish free ( and does it apply to all that u make )
    Thanks Karen

    1. So sorry to hear that Karen. We wish you abundant health.

      Yes our soaps really are free of all rubbish and totally natural. We just replied to your other comment with further info about what might be suitable for you.

      If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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