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Currently on the curing rack

View of Soap Cakes through drying rack above_ALL NATURAL SOAP CoThe seasons are definitely on the change and therefore so are our soaps.

We thought you might like to have a peak through our workshop window and glimpse a new variety that we’ve made recently and is now patiently curing on our drying racks – Our new Minty Fresh Scrub soap cakes.

The transition away from summer sun and long lazy days can bring with it some sadness. That’s why we thought we’d capture the freshness and vitality of the passing season and package it up as a lovely decorative soap cake.

Minty Fresh Scrub Cakes_in their moulds_ALL NATURAL SOAP CoPeppermint essential oil features abundantly in this soap and is famous for steadying the nerves and helping to relieve states of exhaustion and depression. Being dotted with poppy seeds, the soap is also nice and scrubby; meaning that that renewal can also extend to some good exfoliation.

These cakes are the same formula as our popular Minty Fresh Scrub bars, so if you’re a fan of these soaps, you’re bound to love their more decorative cousins.

They will be ready to adorn your sinks and bathroom in about 4 week’s time, but you’re always welcome to get in touch and place a pre-order now.

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