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Habitat gets a style injection from our soaps

Habitat Catalogue Cover featuring All Natural SoapWe’ve always said that our black and grey Charcoal Detox and Mens bars add a touch of style to any bathroom, and it turns out that Habitat agree.

One of Habitat’s photographers was recently spotted perusing the stalls at Spitalfields Market, London looking for ‘just the right black soap’ to complete one of his bathroom shoots, when he was drawn to the ALL NATURAL SOAP stall.

We were pleased to see the very stylish gent approaching us, and he told us he had been looking everywhere for a stylish, chunky black soap but none he had found had quite fit the bill.

All Natural Soap in Habitat Catalogues_cropHe proceeded to look through our wide selection of hand hewn grey and black bars, and after a few minutes’ consideration, the Habitat photographer announced he had found just what he was looking for. Armed with a black Charcoal Detox and grey Mens bar he happily trotted off.

It seems that the soaps were indeed ‘just right’, as one of them has made the final cut and is being used to dress an elegant bathroom scene in the latest Habitat and Habitat in Homebase catalogues.

The photographer opted to use the square cut, black Charcoal Detox bar, and we must say we think it looks fab.

Habitat in Homebase Catalogue Cover featuring All Natural SoapNot only nice to look at, the Charcoal Detox bars are also lovely to sniff and, imagine that, also great to wash with 🙂

Why not pick yourself one up to spruce up your skin and sink this festive season?

One thought on “Habitat gets a style injection from our soaps

  1. fame at last! well done, looks good! 🙂

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