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New Varieties – Sneak Preview!

Hi all,

So I know, I know we’ve been banging on about our upcoming new varieties, but where are they already I hear you cry! Here is where – taking their 4 week snooze on the curing rack.

New Varieties_All Natural Soap

We haven’t yet decided on a name for all of these beauties, but we thought you might like to take a sneaky peak at our upcoming offerings. Can you guess what the lighter coloured ones are? Yes…that is indeed a honeycomb pattern on the top – that’s all we’re saying.

And the darker ones? Well you can probably spy a coffee bean decoration or two. No, it’s not our Coffee Kitchen Soap – but that variety has been so popular we thought we’d create all you coffee lovers out there another everyday soap with coffee in it.

Anything else?

Well, only the Men’s Bar we can’t stop talking about! Here’s a peak of it 4 week’s ago when it was being cut.

All Natural Soap_Mens Bar

We’re really happy with how this one turned out. The scent is wonderfully sexy and masculine – with base notes of cedarwood and a fresh crisp cleanness lent by refreshing rosemary and lemongrass essential oils.

The lather is also rich and creamy, and the bar itself good and long lasting (provided its not left soap-dishless and neglected on the side of the bath or sink).

Oh and we thought it would be fun to give the top the texture of elephant hide to complement the grey/green colour. What do you think? And in case you’re wondering, no, no real elephants were involved in creating this effect. We’re an animal-loving soap company dontcha know.

And we couldn’t of course forget our new Grass Soap! We’re super excited about this one but oops out of time, you’ll have to wait till next time to take a sneaky peak at this one…

So when can I buy these new bars?

The elephant, I mean the Mens Bar, will be available on at our regular markets and on the website next week – we’ll be sure to let you know the moment it is available. The other mystery varieties will be available in about 4 week’s time, after they’re fully cured.

What am I meant to do in the meantime?

Perhaps check out our unique Lemon & Spice bar.

Bye for now,


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