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New year, new hues

A very Happy New Year to you all! We hope you had a fab festive season and are enjoying welcoming in a new year brimming with promise and possibilities.

We’ve bounded into 2013 with a definite spring in our steps and have set about creating a lot of lovely new shades and soaps, which we look forward to sharing with you over the coming weeks and months.

Charcoal Grey

The first of our new hues comes in the form of our Charcoal Detox gift soaps. It being the depths of winter, we thought a softer, more comforting shade would be a nice change, and so our stylish, formerly black, cakes and hearts will start the year an appropriate shade of charcoal grey.

Light Ginger

The second new hue is in fact a new colour and an entirely new soap! We’ve been thinking for some time now that ginger would be a lovely, comforting smell to take into the shower or bath, and what better to pair to it with than lime! Some might say a margarita in bar, we’re super excited to try this when its finished its 4 week cure. Coloured 100% naturally of course with ginger powder and a touch of healing turmeric.

Mystery Variety

And what’s this I spy curing on the drying rack?’ll just have to wait and see.


The grey Charcoal Detox Hearts and Cakes are available for pre-order now. Orders placed today will be shipped in around 3-4 week’s time.

Lime & Ginger soaps will be available to order online in 4-5 week’s time.

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