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Sneaky peak of a little project we’re working on…

We thought you might like to take a look at one of the many new projects we’re working on right now.

These shells are absolutely beautiful and a by product of the food industry.

We thought we’d give them a new use. Any guesses as to what they might be for?
Clue: they’re not empty…

One thought on “Sneaky peak of a little project we’re working on…

  1. So, we can confirm that these are in fact…Shaving Shells!

    A totally new idea and an invention of ours.

    The shell acts as an all natural & biodegradable bowl for the (integrated) shaving soap.

    The natural ridges inside the shells help boost the lather when building it with a traditional brush.

    They make a beautiful and compact addition to the bathroom, and are also great for taking on long holidays/business trips, as you can leave the shell behind, perhaps even on the beach!, when done.

    We’re still testing and perfecting this new idea, but if you’re keen to be first in line to fine to try one then please get in touch:

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