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The wonders of figs, garlic and helping patchy eyebrows (while warding off vampires!)

Fresh figsAfternoon one and all, couldn’t wait to share what I just learned:

I just got back from a trip to the lovely local Turkish greengrocer as I was keen to see whether they had any fresh figs in stock. While I love eating fresh figs, my  mission of course had an ulterior soapy motive – you guessed it, fig soap!

When combined with honey, figs are a great natural humectant, which means that they attract moisture to the skin and basically make it feel really lovely.

Sadly it’s not quite fig season yet they tell me, but I got talking with the woman behind the counter about eyebrows and how nice hers were; and guess what she told me her secret was – garlic!

Yes you read that right…GARLIC!

What’s more, it’s not that she eats loads of the stuff, but rubs it around her eyebrows each night. Yes…really.

She admitted it was a little stinky, but she said it’s cured her patchy brows. I for one can vouch for how lovely and luscious they look.

As a fair-haired gal who has always envied the definition darker-haired ladies could achieve with their brows, I for one can’t wait to give this a go!

Not sure how I’m going to feel about the smell, but I’m sure I’ve tried weirder things in my time – mayonnaise hair gel anyone?

So in the name of all things natural, already in my kitchen cupboard, and anti-vampire-esque, I’m going to give it a go. Promise to report back.

I’ll also be back soon to tell you how we get on with the fig soap as soon as we can find some lovely fresh figs to experiment with.

Wish me garlicky luck!


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