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Truly ‘Green’ Sandalwood Soap

Ethical & Truly Natural
Brand New – Green Sandalwood soap!

There is something so ancient and alluring about Sandalwood.

The depth and exotic richness of this scent have been bewitching humans since antiquity; and, once we’re told, its easy to see that it forms the base of some of the most exquisite perfumes in the world.

Perhaps without knowing it, we associate this multi-faceted scent with quality and as something to be treasured.

Sadly, in recent years, our desire to surround ourselves with this special smell has outstripped our desire to treasure it.

The result, not surprisingly, is that the majestic Santalum Album tree that must live for at least 30 years before its precious oil is harvested,  is now endangered or, more specifically ‘vulnerable’.

Where’s your Sandalwood Soap?

For some years now, despite a great number of customer requests, endangered Sandalwood trees meant that we could not or, more importantly perhaps, would not, create a sandalwood soap.

Just as we do not take the easy or more ‘commercial’ route with our products and refuse to use palm oil in any of our range, so we refused (and continue to refuse) to use environmentally-damaging sandalwood oil or any synthetic imitations in any of our soaps.*

That was… until we discovered some non-endangered sandalwood varieties!

Never ones to turn down a challenge – particularly a scent-related one!  – for more than 2 years we have been busily exploring ways we could bring you a gorgeously-scented sandalwood soap that didn’t have a negative environmental impact.

Over this time, we’ve looked at and experimented with a wide variety of sandalwood oils and suppliers from all over the world.

And finally, with the kind help of some lovely testers, are very proud to introduce you to the fruits of our labours…

Our brand new Green Sandalwood soap!


Our soap is ‘green’ in that we’ve scented our soap 100% naturally with a blend of non-endangered sandalwood oils from Australia and the Caribbean, that are high in the all important true essence of sandalwood ‘santalol’.

It’s also ‘green’ because as part of our special scent blend we’ve added some lovely green and spicy heart notes.

The sandalwood essential oils add a wonderful creaminess to the soap on their own, but to up that feeling of ultimate luxury, we’ve also included the famed skin soother Black Seed Oil, and the winter skin saviour, Sesame Seed Oil.**

We really are very excited to bring this special soap to you, and just wish we could offer you a sniff through the computer screen.

Happy washing!


Have a look at our new Green Sandalwood Soap >


*Because of the long growing time, high demand, dwindling tree numbers and Indian export restrictions, sandalwood essential oil is very expensive. For  this reason, most ‘sandalwood’ products on the market contain at least some synthetic fragrance components.


**Don’t worry, we of course use the UNtoasted variety.

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