Dispatch as Usual

Hello everyone and a great thank you for your continued support!

Just a quick note to let you know that we are carrying on as normal – we continue to make soap and we continue to dispatch your orders.

Not surprisingly, we have seen a sharp increase in orders, but we are working very hard to ensure that we still dispatch orders the same day or the next (Monday to Friday). So far, we have managed to get almost all orders out the same day!

Being soap makers, hygiene is in our blood (and soap is all around us!), but right now we are taking even more steps to keep both our making and packing areas even more hygienic through increased cleaning, increased used of gloves, and increased hand washing.

Soap takes at least a month to cure after it is made and therefore we are well used to planning ahead. Our stock levels of raw materials are excellent and we can currently make soap for many months to come yet.

We understand that it is even more important than normal that we continue to produce soap and post it out to you, and will therefore do everything we can to ensure this remains the case.

Small changes we need you to be aware of

To ensure we operate in as efficient and fair a way as possible we have had to make a few tweaks to how we work and, where necessary, kindly ask for your cooperation so that we can best serve the entire community.

1. We are no longer offering a Guaranteed Next Day delivery service – all orders will be dispatched in the order received, no exceptions.

2. It is unlikely that our ENTIRE soap range will be in stock SIMULTANEOUSLY for the foreseeable future, but we do envisage good stock levels overall. We will continue to make all our soap varieties in rotation, and so there should not be a wait of over 3-4 weeks for most varieties currently listed as ‘out of stock’ on the website. We can always tell you when certain varieties will be back, just email us.

3. We will be answering the phone in a VERY limited manner, if at all. Please consider others and take a moment to review the information below.

If you are over 70 or unable to use the internet for whatever reason, don’t worry, WE CAN STILL take your order over the phone. If your phone call is not answered, please leave a short message with your name and number and we WILL call you back very quickly.

If you are a delivery driver and your phone call is not answered, please leave a short message and we will call you back immediately. If you deliver to us on a regular basis, we will also provide you with some alternative numbers to reach us on.

If you are a customer with a question about your order or a general enquiry, please send us a short email and we will respond promptly. You can reply to your order confirmation email, email us through the website or reach us at [email protected].

If you wish to stock our soaps please sign up to our waiting list. We are currently unable to accept new stockists.

If you wish to discuss marketing opportunities of ANY kind, we respectfully ask that you please refrain from getting in touch until we are through this tough time. We will not be engaging in any marketing for the foreseeable future as our sole focus right now is on making and dispatching soap. Thank you for understanding.

How we’re supporting the community right now

In addition to sending out our regular deliveries of soap to the homeless, we have started giving free soap to all the delivery drivers who come to us.

These are challenging times and the other important thing we feel we can all do is to try and spread love not fear wherever we can. When we interact with you we will endeavour to do this is an even more loving way than normal.

In time, we do not doubt that more ways to help will reveal themselves.

Soaps for frequent hand washing

Not surprisingly, we are being asked for specific recommendations about which of our soaps we’d most recommend for frequent hand washing.

All our soaps are suitable for use on the face, hands and body (with the exception of the Hardworking Hands bar which is best reserved for just the hands because of the extra scrubby & deodorising coffee grounds it contains).

If you’re going to be using the soap multiple times during the day and / or it is going to be used by multiple people, then our Ultimate Travel Bar is a great option. This has been formulated to withstand the more demanding needs of ‘soap on the go’ and so is nice and hard, contains soothing aloe vera, a double dose of moisturising butters (shea and cocoa), and also the powerhouse that is neem oil.

If your skin is sensitive then the Shea Luxury is another great option – this likewise doubles up on moisturising butters (which also help it remain hard), but is entirely unscented. Or, for the super sensitive, the Castile Olive Oil would work well. It is entirely ‘free from’ being simply made from olive oil, and pure olive oil soaps are famous for their durability.

Finally, if your skin is feeling angry from all the washing, then the Gentle Goat’s Milk is a nice one to try. It has a great lather, is wonderfully mild, and even contains a double dose of calendula to help soothe redness.

We’re here for you at this uncertain time.

Much love,