Glycerin Soap – FAQs

Which of your soaps are glycerin soaps?

All of them!

Glycerin (or glycerine) is great for the skin and, lucky for us, is naturally produced during the soap making process. Unlike many commercial soap manufacturers we leave this natural byproduct exactly where it should be – in your soap ready to nourish your skin.

Glycerin is valuable and so many soap companies remove this luxurious skin-softener from their soap and sell it on to the cosmetics industry. This is NOT something we do.

I thought only transparent soap was glycerine soap. Can you explain?

Yes, we actually thought so too until we started making soap. We think that this is simply a marketing tactic as ALL natural ‘real’ soap is glycerin soap. The process of making soap creates glycerin, fact. This glycerin remains in the final soap bars unless it has been extracted (normally to sell on to the cosmetics industry as it is a valuable commodity).

All our soaps are glycerin soaps because we DO NOT remove any of the glycerin naturally produced during the soap making process.

Leaving the naturally-produced glycerin in our soaps is just one of the reasons they feel so luxurious on the skin. This is then helped by the fact that we only use very high quality oils (not cheap fillers, bulking agents or palm oil) to make our soaps. Read our ingredients and you’ll see that olive oil (not palm oil) is the main ingredient in our soaps.

Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our soaps or have any questions.