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We understand it might be a little daunting when you first encounter our range – we hope a little exciting too!

There’s no right way to go about choosing soap though, so don’t worry. Whatever works for you. We’re also always on hand to help out wherever we can.

We have customers that choose their soaps based on their skin type, how the soaps smells, and even whether it matches their bathroom.

You’ll find some filters on the left-hand side of each page that allow you to sort the soaps based on all sorts of factors. This can be useful if you just want to see the soaps that we recommend for, say, dry skin, or only the ones which are vegan.

These are just intended to be guidelines though, and shouldn’t be stuck to too strictly. Everyone’s skin is totally unique and our customers continually surprise us by using our soaps in ways we wouldn’t expect.

Do your soaps foam?

This is a question we get asked on a regular basis.

You’ll be pleased to know that all our soaps (except for the Castiles) foam very well – even in the hard London water in which they were developed.

This is something we spent a long time exploring when formulating the range. The abundant lather comes from the use of just the right amount of coconut oil, in balance with a range of other oils.

Being coconut oil free, our Castile Soaps do not lather very much. This doesn’t mean they won’t clean you, they just do so without a lot of foam.

If you’re seriously into foam though, then we really recommend giving the Gentle Goat’s Milk soap a try. This is the foamiest of the lot!


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