Eco-friendly Packaging

We’ve now created a handy guide to whether you should compost/recycle every piece of our packaging! CLICK HERE.

What use is creating an environmentally-conscious product* if the packaging it comes in and products it is sold alongside don’t also show respect for the planet?

Paper not plastic packing tapeThis is the reason why in addition to selling truly all natural soap, we also only sell sustainable and plastic-free accessories; and why we take great pains to ensure that every single piece of packaging we use is as eco-friendly as we can make it.

We’ve thought long and hard about every packaging decision we’ve made, and believe we are as close to the plastic free, zero waste ideal as we can be.

For example, all the outer boxes and jiffy bags we send you out your soap in are 100% recyclable. The boxes are obviously made of cardboard, but, unlike most, so are the bags! The jiffy bags we use are filled with recycled paper fibres, not plastic! making them totally recyclable.

Then there’s the tape which the boxes are sealed with.

The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed that this looks different to normal, and you’d be right.

Unlike its shiny plastic counterparts, our matt packaging tape is 100% recyclable because…drum roll please…it is totally made of paper.

We buy our packaging tape in ‘non sticky’,  and in fact hand wet each piece to activate the water-activated adhesive, before using it to seal the parcels. A bit of a longer process than using normal pre-gummed plastic tape, but the environmental benefits are, in our opinion, definitely worth it.

How about your packing beans? They’re compostable and even dissolve under the tap. Yes really 🙂 We were over the moon when we found a way to ensure your soaps reached you in perfect condition AND and was plastic free.

You’ll also no doubt be pleased to hear that the translucent sleeves your free mini soap samples come in are not only recyclable but also compostable; and you may have noticed that our postcards are not only recyclable but also printed on paper stock that contains recycled content.

And your boxes? They are all fully recyclable with your normal paper waste (some also compostable) and, we understand from our customers, the Saver Sets in particular are also lovely to re-use :).

We believe that compostability and biodegradability are the gold standards of eco-friendly packaging and therefore are currently actively investigating how we can make all our boxes fully compostable.

Innovation is rife in this field right now with new and exciting sustainable packaging materials and techniques coming out all the time so we may well have missed some cool stuff. (BTW – Have you seen the leather made from pineapples?)

If you know of any fabulous eco-friendly packaging we might be interested in, ways we could improve, or have any questions, we’d love to hear from you so please do get in touch!

Did you know? We are now turning our attention to making our soap-making process even more sustainable. One of our most exciting recent steps is finding 100% compostable gloves to wear while we make soap.

*Our soaps always have and always will be 100% Palm Oil Free. They are also totally biodegradable, totally vegetarian (mostly vegan) and made using our unique ‘extra cold’ technique, which is even more energy efficient than the traditional ‘cold process’ technique.