Wonder Wood Soap Dish (curved)

made from water-resistant wood

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Sustainable dish for medium - high use


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  • 100% Natural & ETHICAL
    SLS & Paraben Free - Palm Oil Free.
  • Cruelty Free
    Not tested on animals - 100% Vegetarian.
  • Expertly handcrafted & glycerine rich
    We use our unique 'extra cold' technique.


You don’t want plastic in the bathroom, and wood looks great. But can it withstand all that moisture long term, and is it sustainable? YES! If its water-resistant Wonder Wood.

Wonder Wood might sound like the secret location of your next glamping holiday – and it is definitely undiscovered and cool! – but it’s actually a fantastic modern creation that is really as ancient as it comes.

Wonder Wood is simply wood that has been baked, with the occasional addition of steam. That’s it.

No fancy chemicals, coatings, stains or varnishes. Just fire and water harnessed by humans to make one of nature’s most wonderful resources even more durable.

The wood for these soap dishes starts out life as a mid-coloured (sustainably-sourced) ash wood, and is then gently baked and steamed until it becomes a beautiful, rich mahogany colour with visible grain.

This clever process ensures that the wood:

  • is very hard and stable,
  • has a glass-like smoothness,
  • is water resistant,
  • and mould resistant.

The wood is then shaped into these elegant & tactile, curved soap dishes, complete with practical drainage channels and rubber feet.

Perfect for those who hate soapy water draining directly onto the sink, and an elegant addition to the kitchen or bathroom sink.

If you prefer a larger dish with actual drainage gaps, you might be interested in this model.

Made from sustainably-sourced, heat & steam treated ash wood. When new a slight ‘sauna-like’ scent may be detectable. Approximate measurements: 11cm x 6.3cm x 2.2 cm thick.

The dishes should not require maintenance. If desired, the drainage channels can be gently cleaned with an old, clean toothbrush and just water (no cleaning products).

2 reviews for Wonder Wood Soap Dish (curved)

  1. Sharon

    Okay but colour leaches out so have brown water marks in sink,

    • All Natural Soap

      Hi Sharon,

      Thanks so much for your order and that feedback. We have not heard this from customers before. We checked with the manufacturer and they said that this can occasionally happen after the baking process, but that it should not last long.

      If however you find that this is continuing for you please do get in touch and we will work out an acceptable resolution for you.

  2. OK1

    Nice product. Visually more appealing than the bamboo pads and probably more long lasting, but I find the soap doesn’t dry out underneath as well as with the bamboo pads.

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