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extra mild & soothing


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  • 100% Natural & ETHICAL
    SLS & Paraben Free - Palm Oil Free.
  • Cruelty Free
    Not tested on animals - 100% Vegetarian.
  • Expertly handcrafted & glycerine rich
    We use our unique 'extra cold' technique.



When you first use this soap you probably won’t believe its a bar.

Sounds strange we know, but the lather is so thick and creamy you’ll swear you were washing with a cream or gel.

In fact, some of our testers have even likened the texture of this soap to aqueous cream. Unlike with aqueous cream though, you will feel ‘clean’ after washing, and won’t be blocking your skin’s natural functions with mineral oil.

Made simply with olive oil, coconut milk, carrot oil, unrefined cocoa butter and water, this silky and soothing soap really will make washing a pleasure again for those with sensitive skin.

Did you know?

This ‘vegan goat’s milk soap’ is mild enough for use on the face, and suitable for all skin types.

It also makes a great lubricator for wet epilating: the formula is extra gentle and soothing, yet not overly foamy, so you can see what you’re doing.

SIZE: Each soap bar measures approximately 10 x 5.5 x 2.5 cms.
WEIGHT: Each soap bar weighs at least 115 grams.

Being handmade and truly natural, our soaps vary a little in size and colour from bar to bar and batch to batch.

Coco Castile Awards

In 2014 our Coco Castile soap won a Silver Award in the Hard Soaps category at the prestigious Free From Skincare Awards.

As part of the judging process all shortlisted products undergo a rigorous one month evaluation by experienced testers. Here is an extract from their observations:

“A lovely buttery scent, very natural, more oily than soapy, left a nice level of moisture on my hands. It is mild and creamy … Lovely packaging and very clear labelling”

“Extremely gentle on my sensitive, dry skin, but cleansed effectively even after I had been gardening or cooking”


INGREDIENTS: Plain English



SODIUM OLIVATE (saponified olive oil), AQUA (water), GLYCERIN (vegetable), COCOS NUCIFERA FRUIT EXTRACT (coconut milk), SODIUM CARROTATE (saponified carrot oil), SODIUM COCOA BUTTERATE (saponified unrefined cocoa butter)

Food Allergen Information

Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Peanut Free, Sesame Free, Nut Free *Manufactured in a workshop handling dairy containing ingredients.

Skin Type

dry, normal, oily / blemish prone, sensitive, very sensitive




no added scent

Vegan / Vegetarian


Free From

dairy, nuts*, sesame


dry, normal, oily / blemish prone, sensitive, very sensitive

Hair Removal

wet epilating

Free From & Animal Friendly

This soap does NOT contain:

  • Palm Oil
  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals
  • Artificial Colours or Fragrances
  • Animal Products, such as lard, tallow or cochineal

We only colour our soaps with plant, fruit and vegetable materials; and our complex, perfume-like scents are 3 note blends of pure essential oils.

Vegetarian & Vegan

All our soaps are 100% vegetarian, most are also vegan. The only soaps that aren’t vegan are our Gentle Goat’s Milk, Oatmeal Soother and limited edition Mint Mojito soap. These contain fresh goat’s milk, bee-friendly honey and probiotic yogurt respectively. No actual animal parts are used anywhere in our soap range.

Animal Friendly

Neither this soap, nor its ingredients, are tested on animals.

8 reviews for Coco Castile

  1. Amanda25904

    I bought this soap via my deo company, Earth Concious, and am amazed. Not all sensitive skin soaps are made the same and my skin is super sensitive and oily. After one wash, my face is calm and happy. I have used many vegan natural soaps before and even some with pure, minimal ingredients make my skin itchy, but not this one.
    Yes, you have to work a bit harder to get a lather but it does get going and cleans really well without leaving a residue.
    I have placed my first order direct now and look forward to trying other bars.

  2. Ellen

    As someone who usually isn’t a fan of coconut scents, I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy this soap much. However, the scent is very subtle and it actually smells very nice. I hadn’t tried soap in the shower before and the first two washes left my skin feeling “starchy” and tight, but after that, my sensitive skin has been very happy. It lathers very well in soft water which means that you can easily use it up quickly if you’re not sparing with it. Will definitely be buying again along with your other sensitive soaps!

  3. Natalie Bartlett

    I can confirm, this is a fabulous soap for wet epilating!! I never thought I’d be able to replace my shower gel, but this bubbles nicely, and keeps my epilator clean (shower gels encourage black gunk!) Go on, ditch the plastic, this stuff works!

  4. Tracey

    I was sceptical about using a bar soap to start with and initially my skin felt very dry. However I persevered and my skin has adjusted. This soap leaves my skin feeling soft and is delicate enough for my face too. It is gel like but if you keep adding a little water to your hands it will lather. Goodbye to two bottles of expensive gel washes and hello to a long lasting bar! ?

  5. Bo

    I found that this soap did not foam at all and I could actually see slime coming off onto my hands when I tried to use it. I had to throw it away after a couple of unsuccessful attempts at using it. Based on the good reviews this soap has received, it may have been a faulty batch. This was part of a box of soaps that I had ordered, and four other soaps from the box I have used so far were fine, so I don’t know what went wrong! Still, a pretty baffling and unpleasant experience.

    • All Natural Soap

      Hi Bo,

      Thanks very much for taking the time to write a review.

      So sorry to hear you didn’t like this soap. This and our other castile soap, the Castile Olive Oil, are totally different from the rest of the range.

      They are indeed low-foaming and can feel quite odd to use if you’ve never used anything like them before. This is because they are coconut oil free and while very effective cleaners, do not produce the same bubbles that people often associate with soap. The Castile Olive Oil soap is often described by our customers as having a ‘lotion-like’ lather, while the Coco Castile does indeed feel more like a gel.

      We understand that this is not to everyone’s taste and I’m sorry that you did not like this soap.

      The Coco Castile will always feel gel-like in use. To reduce the amount of ‘gel’ produced though you can try to keep the bar as dry as possible (ie not leave it under the water stream for as short a time as possible, and store it as far away as possible from the shower stream). Some customers also put the bar down once they’ve created the gel they want and then use this to wash with.

      Happy to hear the other soaps are working well for you though so far.

      We’ll drop you quick email now to see if there’s anything else we can do to help.

  6. Eva

    Got this as a free sample as part of my order, I wasn’t expecting it to have a nice pleasant smell but it does! Its very creamy and doesn’t lather much, which I like. Actually leaves my skin moisturised without any residue. Lovely overall!

  7. Claire

    I can’t rate this soap highly enough, my daughter has always had dry skin and the back of her hands would get red and sore. Since using this wonderful soap it has improved 100%, it’s amazing! In fact all the soaps aimed at sensitive skin have the same effect.

  8. Consuelo

    Super mild and creamy, unperfumed yet naturally fragrant, fantastic for sensitive skin and a pleasure to use.

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