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Konjac Sponge

biodegradable & made from plants

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Plant-fibre wonder sponges.


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  • 100% Natural & ETHICAL
    SLS & Paraben Free - Palm Oil Free.
  • Cruelty Free
    Not tested on animals - 100% Vegetarian.
  • Expertly handcrafted & glycerine rich
    We use our unique 'extra cold' technique.


A super-soft sponge made from plants (not animals or plastic), that will help my skin look great and I can compost when done? Why yes!

We were over the moon when we discovered these ancient Japanese beauty secrets.

Handmade from the edible tubers of the unique konnyaku plant, they are very gentle, feel wonderful to use, and are a tool & skin product in one.

They come dry (and weigh next to nothing – perfect for travel!) and will swell and take on a delicate, soothing, slightly jelly-like texture when wet.

Once hydrated, the sponges can then be used on their own or with soap, shaving soap, or cleanser to:

  1. refine the pores
  2. create a super-smooth canvas for makeup
  3. gently exfoliate the skin
  4. help prevent ingrowing hairs – ideal before shaving
  5. help smooth top-of-arm bumps

We are pleased to offer Konjac sponges for all skin types:

  • Black  – made with charcoal powder to help draw impurities out of the skin – Oily, blemish-prone skin
  • Pink – made with pink clay to soothe dry, lacklustre skin – Mature, dry, dull skin
  • White  – the simplest and gentlest of the sponges – Sensitive skin


Tips & More Info

The sponges are dome-shaped and fit very comfortably in the hand. When dry they measure approximately 7.5 cm diameter x 4cm heigh, and weigh approximately 7 grams. They are sized for facial/ décolleté use, but can be used on the entire body.

They need to be wet before use, and the most water-efficient method is to simply drop them in a bowl of water for a few minutes before use (although placing under the tap/shower will also work).

They come complete with a cotton hanging loop, and, like all sponges, will benefit from the occasional quick wash with soap and water – our Castile Olive Oil soap is perfect for this purpose. To preserve their shape they should be pressed between the palms to release water (if desired – drip drying is also fine), not wrung out.

The sponges feel really great to use, but bear in mind that they are gently exfoliating. Enjoy the sensation, but go slowly at first. Patch tests are advised for sensitive skin in particular.

Although made from plant fibres and home compostable, the sponges are NOT edible.

1 review for Konjac Sponge

  1. Becky

    These sponges are SO good! I have these bobbly bits on my upper arms, and they actually get rid of them. My skin feels super soft. The sponge feels really good to use, only need a bit of soap, then gets very lathery. Even good on the face too.

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