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Kaffir Lime & Peppermint Solid Shampoo

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A super-concentrated, power house of a shampoo that promotes a healthy scalp and soft, shiny hair.

As you’d expect from us,

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  • 100% Natural & ETHICAL
    SLS & Paraben Free - Palm Oil Free.
  • Cruelty Free
    Not tested on animals - 100% Vegetarian.
  • Expertly handcrafted & glycerine rich
    We use our unique 'extra cold' technique.


A super-concentrated, power house of a shampoo that promotes a healthy scalp and soft, shiny hair.

As you’d expect from us, this convenient, solid shampoo really is totally natural (no sneaky SLS in here!), and is the result of many years’ development.

To achieve a winning formula that’s suited to all hair types and water conditions, we’ve expertly blended a whopping 9 base oils with soothing coconut milk; shine-promoting kaffir lime; and a fantastic-smelling essential oil blend that has numerous hair-care benefits.

Uniquely, this shampoo is also formulated with equal attention to both hair and scalp, and therefore feels wonderfully refreshing to use; has an abundant, creamy lather; and is surprisingly clean-rinsing even in hard water conditions.

A few key ingredients and features:


  • Neem, peppermint and rosemary oils help with itchy scalps, dandruff, and promote growth
  • Jojoba and babassu oils promote strength, soothe, and add moisture
  • Mango butter and castor oil help to smooth the cuticle and increase shine

The shampoo can lathered directly on the head or ‘hand-lathered’ and the foam applied to the scalp. An acidic final rinse with diluted Apple Cider Vinegar/Lime Juice is an optional final step.

Conditioner/Hair oil is optional and unlikely to be required by all but those with very dry hair.

Suitable for all hair and scalp types, except very sensitive. A leaflet with more information and full usage instructions will be attached to your email order receipt. Should be suitable for use on colour treated hair, but a patch test is advisable. Those with extra sensitive scalps might like to try our Gentle Shampoo Powder.
Each bar weighs at least 70 grams, and measures approximately 7cm diameter at its widest point – it is a tapered puck shape.

Being handmade and totally natural, our soaps vary a little in size and colour from bar to bar and batch to batch.

Packaged in a sturdy, fully recyclable box. If you require it packaged in a compostable sleeve instead, please let us know in the ‘Order Notes’ on checkout.


INGREDIENTS: Plain English


The essential oils naturally contain: Limonene, Linalool


SODIUM OLIVATE (saponified olive oil), AQUA (water),
SODIUM COCOATE (saponified coconut oil), SODIUM CASTORATE (saponified castor oil), COCOS NUCIFERA FRUIT/FRUIT JUICE EXTRACT (coconut milk), GLYCERIN (vegetable), SODIUM SWEET ALMONDATE (saponified sweet almond oil), SODIUM SUNFLOWERSEEDATE (saponified sunflower oil), SIMMONDSIA CHINESIS (Jojoba) SEED OIL, ORBINYA MARTIANA SEED OIL (Babassu oil), MELIA AZADIRACHTA (Neem) SEED OIL, CITRUS AURANTIFOLIA (Lime) PEEL POWDER, MANGIFERA INDICA (Mango) SEED OIL, TOCOPHEROL (vitamin e oil), PARFUM (custom, pure essential oil blend)

The essential oils naturally contain: Limonene, Linalool

Food Allergen Information

Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Peanut Free, Sesame Free, NOT Nut Free *Manufactured in a workshop handling dairy containing ingredients.

Skin Type

dry, normal, oily / blemish prone, sensitive

Hair Type

all hair types (except those with very sensitive scalps)




floral, fresh, herbal

Vegan / Vegetarian


Free From

dairy, sesame

Free From & Animal Friendly

This soap does NOT contain:

  • Palm Oil
  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals
  • Artificial Colours or Fragrances
  • Animal Products, such as lard, tallow or cochineal

We only colour our soaps with plant, fruit and vegetable materials; and our complex, perfume-like scents are 3 note blends of pure essential oils.

Vegetarian & Vegan

All our soaps are 100% vegetarian, most are also vegan. The only soaps that aren’t vegan are our Gentle Goat’s Milk, Oatmeal Soother and limited edition Mint Mojito soap. These contain fresh goat’s milk, bee-friendly honey and probiotic yogurt respectively. No actual animal parts are used anywhere in our soap range.

Animal Friendly

Neither this soap, nor its ingredients, are tested on animals.

17 reviews for Kaffir Lime & Peppermint Solid Shampoo

  1. georgie.moor

    My first postal order since I worked in the pharmacy in Kimbolton when I was lucky enough to sample a lot of the soaps but this shampoo was not out. So excited to try this new product and I wasn’t disappointed! It smells lovely, it lathers very well and my hair was squeaky clean. After drying my hair it was really soft and lots a new bounce to my fine hair. Also I love your environmentally friendly packaging and the plastic free soap dish is great too. Thanks for the efficient service. Georgie

  2. Rebecca

    On the third wash with this and my hair, which is wavy and often bone dry despite expensive conditioners and gentle shampoo, has never felt so soft, healthy and nourished. I absolutely love this product and it deserves to be more famous. Please bring out more varieties!

    • All Natural Soap

      That’s wonderful Rebecca! Thanks so much for your order and letting us know your experience with the shampoo. Don’t worry, we’re on it 😉

  3. Julie Egginton

    WOW I’ve been using natural liquid shampoos for a while and have always been hesitant about using a bar as my hair is long and fine. This shampoo bar created a lovely rich lather leaving my hair squeeky clean, without removing my henna hair colour. It also left it tangle free, despite desperately needing a trim and conditioned. Was definitely worth the wait.

  4. Becky via Instagram

    “What a difference 8 weeks makes! I’m never going back to normal shampoo ever again. The bounce you get from this shampoo is like nothing you’ve ever felt. I have really fine hair that is often quite lank. This puts the bounce right back into it and I can wash my hair less often too. I don’t need a conditioner with this. Before, when I was using traditional shampoo my head would often get itchy and oily very quickly.

    Becky Wilson Shampoo Becky Shampoo 2 Becky Shampoo 3In total these photos show 8 weeks worth of use of washing with long hair. So that’s washing 3 times a week too because even though I don’t need to wash it that often, I’m a clean freak and I don’t like the smell of cooking in my hair after I’ve been in the kitchen. You might be thinking though that I have short hair though right? That’s because I have been saving these shampoo bars to photograph for about 3 months. I have a 3rd (and 4th bar) to keep me going in the meantime.

    This is not a paid advert! I just really like this shampoo. You can find other zero waste ideas at thenorthwestblogger.co.uk” Shared with Becky’s permission from Instagram.

  5. Roger

    My sister-in-law gave me this shampoo. It is the first big bar of shampoo I have ever used and I was amazed by how good it was. it lathered FAR better than other shampoos, rinsed perfectly and I loved the smell too, which is an added bonus. I see most recent reviews of this shampoo have been from women – well guys, this is for you as well. It is so easy to use and of course no plastics involved at all. . Thank you All Natural Soap.

  6. wendy

    I love the soaps from this company. You feel good that you’re going all natural. I realllly wanted this shampoo soap to work, but I think it might be better with shorter or dry hair.
    I have a very flaky scalp, and long greasy hair, and much to my regret, despite moving over from another high quality natural shampoo, trying a ACV rinse, and rinsing my hair very well, unfortunately this soap is too far too greasy. It leaves my hair heavy and coated in oil, and I’m unable to wear it ‘down’ or do anything with it as it’s tacky and dull and feels like it’s thick with ‘build up’, so much I can barely get a brush through it. Such a shame! Might work with a conditioner ?! But I was just hoping it was a one stop product. I look forward to see if there are developments with one for greasy hair.

    • All Natural Soap

      Hi Wendy,

      Thanks so much for your kind words about our soaps and taking the time to write a review.

      Really sorry to hear the shampoo bar isn’t working well for you straight off the bat. For some unlucky people there can be a transition period when moving to a washing the hair with a gentle bar soap. In most cases this will just take time but there are a few tricks to help – eg the use of bicarbonate of soda to boost cleansing powder, or a deep final cleanse with various clays. We’ll get in touch now via email to see how we can help.

      Rest assured, if you don’t fancy doing this then the shampoo bar can totally be used as a normal soap to wash the face and body.

      Also, you may be interested to know that we are currently developing an shampoo specifically for greasy hair! Perhaps you’d like to be a tester 🙂

      Sorry again to hear that this wasn’t right for you.

      Any questions, we’re here.

  7. Angela Trent

    This bar smells lovely and lathers really well, sadly I live in a very hard water area and still find this soap shampoo does not rinse cleanly from my hair ?, even with an ACV rinse – which I also find is too drying for my hair. I lather lots, rinse and rinse and still have a residue left on my hair and brush which makes my hair feel dry and heavy. However it is better than other shampoo bars I’ve tried (and I’ve trued a few!). I’ve never used heavy, synthetic shampoos and have been using / trying different all natural alternatives for some time now, so I’m pretty sure this is not due to the ‘transition phase’. I love the soaps made by all natural soap company and their whole ethos, so I’m going to keep hoping that they can find the ultimate shampoo bar solution for those of us in hard water areas with masses of thick long hair!! Maybe a solid bar with lots of soapnut or Shikakai powder in??

    • All Natural Soap

      Thanks very much for your order and taking the time to write a review Angela. Great to hear that you love the soaps, but sorry to hear that you are struggling with the shampoo bar. Occasionally the hair needs a good, deep cleanse before shampoo bars will work. We’ve just emailed you with details of a totally natural deep cleaning product we’ve been trailing that has had excellent tester feedback so far. You might also be pleased to know that we are currently developing a pretty different type of shampoo bar… More over email 🙂

      Finally, rest assured that even if your hair is not getting on with the shampoo bar it will not go to waste as it is perfectly fine to wash the body with and, if you’re not too sensitive, also the face.

      Any questions, we’re here.

  8. Kerry-ann

    I ordered this and when it came I used it straight away, I have very curly Afro hair and it was amazing! my hair was soft while washing and soft after. I did an acv rinse and my hair is so soft but also clean, my hair usually breaks when I use shampoo, I’ll be using this on my daughters hair too

  9. andrewpkhutton

    You don’t need to pick something up to know how much is left, you just see it.
    Less plastic is also very appealing and the fact is so organic means I don’t need to stress about it.

    The solid shampoo smells good and works well on my beard as well.
    Shower looks much more minimalist.

    I recommend this shampoo to anyone.

  10. ktjane18 via Instagram

    I ‘heart’ this shampoo bar, it works for me 110% – to finally find something without the added nasties, especially wheat/gluten is just fantastic. Thank you @allnaturalsoap

  11. Sarah

    I have tried a few times to wash using bar shampoo and its always left a waxy feel to my hair. I thought I’d try this though, as they gave me a sample of their shampoo a while back (So I’m guessing they have improved on it).

    I think you do have to stick with it. You also have to make sure you wash each section of your hair slowly. So it takes longer than shampooing with a bottle, although its worth it. I only wash my hair two-three times a week now, so I don’t mind spending more time in the shower.

    I followed the instructions-which says to also use vinegar to rinse. You do have to rinse thoroughly, and after my hair was dry, it was lovely and soft. It also felt like I had used some styling products on it-which was good.

    I cycle a lot and usually in the winter my hair becomes a frizz ball, however there was not much frizz after using the bar shampoo!

    My friend even commented on how good my hair looked!

    I definitely will stick with it-you just have to be patient and rinse rinse rinse!

    P.s – there is NO plastic packaging (unlike normal shampoos!)

  12. John Winn

    A really great shampoo , truly practical having traveled the last 2 weeks , a pleasure to use and really pleased it now comes as 3 in a pack!

  13. Celia M Sanchez

    I tried this shampoo out having used a variety of natural options before, I absolutely love this. Most other natural options have left my hair feeling like straw or too greasy. This soap works well enough for me that I do not need to do a vinegar rinse. I am using an adapted version of the curly girl hair method for my wavy hair and using this followed by a sulphate free conditioner is leaving me with bouncy glossy waves. Plus the smell is delicious. I just wish there was a way to buy it in bulk to keep it as energy saving as possible.

  14. Michael Morgan

    Tried washing my hair with coco castile bar as I liked the idea of simplicity in my bathroom procedure, but my hair did not agree. I bought this a bit reluctantly just to make the order over £30 to qualify for free post. I am glad I did. A good quality shampoo which lathers really well but also rinses superbly, making my hair feel really clean and soft

  15. Lorie via Facebook

    I received my Kaffir Lime and Peppermint Sahmpoo in the mail yesterday. The shampoo smells divine, but more importantly, the shampoo lathered beautifully and rinsed cleanly, leaving me with soft, shiny hair. Thank you, ALL NATURAL SOAP Co for making a gentle shampoo that is such a delight to use. AND, for all you travelers out there, since it is a solid shampoo, you don’t need to put it in your quart size liquids bag at security!

  16. teal.mccarthy

    This shampoo bar is great – it really lathers up in your hair and lasts quite a while if you place it properly in your shower. The smell is great and it cleans hair perfectly.

  17. Anonymous

    I have pretty hard water here in Germany and was hoping that the shampoo bar will take it well. How was I wrong. Even with an apple vinegar rinse-out advised after use hair still feel greasy. It’s not the kind of shampoo for frizz-free hair neither. But yeah, the smell is nice.

    • All Natural Soap Review Reply

      Many thanks for taking the time to write a review Elena.

      Sorry to hear that the shampoo bar didn’t work well for you on the first attempt.

      If you’ve followed the washing instructions in the leaflet closely and applied a vinegar rinse, then the most likely reason for experiencing greasy hair is that your hair simply needs to adjust to a gentler way of washing that doesn’t strip all the oils (wanted and unwanted from the hair).

      There is more info on this in the leaflet that came with your shampoo in the FAQ section, but in short this is likely to be your hair reacting to the change from washing with a sulfate-based shampoo, or styled/conditioned with silicone-containing products.

      We’ve done everything we can in formulating this shampoo to minimise this possible transition period and this has been borne out during the testing phase of this product’s development.

      To help ease the transition, you can try thoroughly cleansing your hair with the bicarbonate of soda rinse outlined in the leaflet.

      Another alternative could be to try our shampoo powder. We have had no reports of needing to go through a transition period with this method of washing. Washing with the powder for a few months then going back to the solid shampoo could also be something to try.

      If you’re totally against using the shampoo on your hair again, then rest assured that it is totally fine to use on the face and body, and indeed you’ll hopefully really enjoy washing with it in this way.

      We’ll follow up with you now via email to see if we can be of further help, and if you have any questions, we’re here.

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