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Reusable Squeeze Bottle

(use with shampoo powder)

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The ideal squeeze bottle for use with our Gentle Shampoo Powder.

It’s squeezy – obviously – which makes it very easy to apply the shampoo to the hair.

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  • 100% Natural & ETHICAL
    SLS & Paraben Free - Palm Oil Free.
  • Cruelty Free
    Not tested on animals - 100% Vegetarian.
  • Expertly handcrafted & glycerine rich
    We use our unique 'extra cold' technique.


The ideal squeeze bottle for use with our Gentle Shampoo Powder.

It’s squeezy – obviously – which makes it very easy to apply the shampoo to the hair.

It holds 150ml of liquid – the maximum amount our testers found they needed to use to wash their hair.

The inside of the bottle and cap have almost no internal ridges – making it quick to rinse out and not waste any product.

Finally the nozzle opening is a decent size, but can also easily be snipped with scissors for those requiring more product to be dispersed in one go.

Squeezy bottle perfection.


Your shampoo powder will come with full instructions on the best method we’ve found to use the powder with the bottle – not rocket science, simply add a teaspoon of powder to the bottle, fill with water from the shower, shake well, apply to the hair and rinse.

In terms of waste, a reusable, fully recyclable plastic bottle and powder refills is obviously better than continually buying shampoo in new plastic bottles. The addition of water by you (not us) also means the powder shampoo can stay truly natural, as anytime water is added by a manufacturer to create a liquid product, the need for preservatives comes in. Preservatives are also one of the most common causes of skin irritation.

If you’re totally against using plastic at all, it is perfectly possible and straightforward to use the shampoo powder with a jug (we particularly like enamel ones) or to make a paste in a bowl and then apply this to the hair. More on this in the shampoo powder leaflet.


Skin Type

dry, normal, oily / blemish prone, sensitive, very sensitive

Free From & Animal Friendly

This soap does NOT contain:

  • Palm Oil
  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals
  • Artificial Colours or Fragrances
  • Animal Products, such as lard, tallow or cochineal

We only colour our soaps with plant, fruit and vegetable materials; and our complex, perfume-like scents are 3 note blends of pure essential oils.

Vegetarian & Vegan

All our soaps are 100% vegetarian, most are also vegan. The only soaps that aren’t vegan are our Gentle Goat’s Milk, Oatmeal Soother and limited edition Mint Mojito soap. These contain fresh goat’s milk, bee-friendly honey and probiotic yogurt respectively. No actual animal parts are used anywhere in our soap range.

Animal Friendly

Neither this soap, nor its ingredients, are tested on animals.


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