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Recent feedback

“I was given some of your soaps for Christmas. I LOOOOOOVE them. They lather, but not too much, they smell lovely but are not overly perfumed, they feel good on the skin and actually are all round fabulous.”
Lizzie F

” I couldn’t be more pleased with my soaps. I’m currently using the Lavender soap and it’s smell is fabulous, it’s also reassuring to know I’m using such a nice soap that is vegan friendly with no harsh additives or chemicals! I’m looking forward to using the Castile soap to make my own shampoo too.”
Soraya from Birmingham

Using All Natural Soap during Pregnancy

They foam enough for you to feel like you are cleaning yourself but not too much that they just end up dissolving. They last a while too. Dove soap just disappears. Skin during pregnancy is meant to be really sensitive and mines sensitive anyway but I’ve had no problems at all. They’re not drying either. Just squeaky clean!
Pregnant Sarah, London

Calendula & Goat’s Milk

Received this as a gift. I almost didn’t want to use it as it was so beautiful. It makes your skin feel great and has a lovely very subtle smell which is not overpowering like some of the more commercial natural soaps you can get on the market.
Emma, London

Fab soap – subtle aroma but rich enough to smell great in the shower. Beautifully made soap… more of the same please!
Felix, London

Castile Soap

Do you remember such wonderful old soaps as Castile? Well this is truly a ‘find’ as it is just like soap I grew up with. It’s lovely. Try it and you’ll see.
Abby Rubin, USA

In Mary Poppins’ own words: This soap is “practically perfect in every way”!
Becky, Oxford

Charcoal Detox Soap

Many thanks for the Charcoal Detox soap and the added free bonus of the Lavender and Rosemary bar, both smell delightful! I’m one of those poor unfortunates aka awkward beggars who has sensitive and problem skin for which even the so-called suitable products cause irritation so I’m pleased to have found you with your natural alternatives at an affordable price (I’ve never understood why with some products ‘Natural’ also means expensive!). This Internet is a wonderful creation, all you do is type in ‘Charcoal Soap’ and it leads to companies/people such as yourself. This is one satisfied customer who most certainly will be back.
Wendy Croft, East Sussex

I loved this soap in all its different attributes: its colour, its smell and the delight when using it. Highly recommended.
Roger, Buckinghamshire

This is even cooler than the lavender which is usually my favourite. It’s black and so stylish as well as being an amazing scent and feel. I love it! Thanks for making it.
Abby Rubin, USA

Hardworking Hands

Leaves your skin feeling soft as well as getting rid of smelly food hands!
Ana, London

I love cooking and now this love can extend to the washing up phase – no matter what is on my hands – and I’m a messy cook – this soap delightfully washes it away, leaving my hands beautifully soft and wonderfully scented. (And also good for washing after cuddling my rabbit, given its anti-bacterial qualities.) What more could one want from a soap?!
Becky, Oxford

 Another fab soap – love coffee as a drink/flavour anyway.
Only drawback is that you might get the odd bit of coffee been adhering to your skin… but this is a small price to pay for a morning wash which feels like breakfast!
Felix, London

Lavender & Rosemary

I covet these soaps at home – a treat to use and i love the smell in the bathroom that lingers after using it.
Katja, Dubai

My favourite of all times – better than what I used to buy in France!
Abby Rubin, USA

The lavendar is my favourite of all the ones I’ve tried.
Ana, London

Minty Fresh Scrub

Very refreshing and scrubby! A good frothy lather and the poppy seeds are great… very pretty too.
Jim, London