Usage Tips

How to look after your pure, natural soap

Before use

To get the best from your soaps, we advise that you store them before in a cool, dry place away from strong odours.


Wooden soap dishes_ALL NATURAL SOAPIn use

For long-lasting soap, drain your bar well between uses.
All our soap bars are free from synthetic preservatives and artificial hardeners.
They will remain hard and be long-lasting if used with a quality, draining soap dish or slatted shower shelf.



If your soap bar is being used frequently throughout the day Рeither as a hand soap or shared with a number of people Рwe recommend using a soap dish like our Slatted Dish or Double Soap Dish.
These dishes raise the soap bar above the level of the sink, allow air to circulate all around it, and therefore help it to dry out faster. If you place your bar directly on the sink, the underside won’t come in contact with the air and therefore may become soft, particularly if used frequently throughout the day.



If you are a once a day showerer, then a dish like our Ridged Soap Dish is probably suitable for your needs. This dish has good drainage channels, that allow the bars to dry out between uses, but is not as open and airy in design as our other two dishes.


Other tips and ideas

Carefully cut your soap bar in half and rotate the pieces:
This ensures a nice hard bar every time you wash, and also prolongs its life. A butter knife will cut through all our bars. This is also great if you simply prefer a smaller soap.
Don’t wet a wet bar:
This can feel a bit counterintuitive, we know, but if the bar is already wet from just being used, there’s no need to run it under the tap a second time. Simply rub and rinse!
If possible, store your bar away from the shower stream:
This will help it not to get too wet and remain hard.
Use a soap bag instead of a dish: 
Our quick-drying Bamboo Soap Bag is great to use in shower if you’re someone who likes gentle exfoliation while they wash. It can be hung up with the soap inside and simply left to dry between showers. Also a great option if you’re short on space.